Monday, May 11, 2009

Facial tissue is NOT a luxury item

I have been an educator in public schools for 17 years. If I counted up how much money I have spent out of my own pocket to supply Kleenex for my classroom, I could retire a year early.

At my first job, there was not any tissue purchased at all. At my second and current job they do buy it, but it is that rough, prison grade, one ply crap. I use it when have to, but I normally buy my own so I don't get a raw red nose.

This is a matter of school sanitation and student health. Having kids sneezing and nothin to wipe a drippy nose on is not a very hygienic situation. In my school tissues are in the department budget - I think this should be a custodial item - there shoudl be purchased a 180 day supply for every classroom and office in the building.

In my first job, it was customary for elementary teachers to hand out a "Class Wish List" at back-to-school time and each kid was asked to bring in a a few boxes of tissues. I don't think a necessary item like Kleenex should be on a wish list. This is like asking your guests to bring their own toilet paper.

In allergy season - which is raging right now - it is hard to put out a box and have it last through the day. Can I please implore school boards to provide simple boxes of tissue to ensure more sanitary conditions in schools? Thank you!!