Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Strange habits

Well, the au pair has been in my closet - she hangs the hangers backwards from me - (hook pointing out) and I found a few things turned that way one day. There are no photos of her wearing them in her photos on our computer, but there were some of her in a sex-kitten pose on her bed wearing her lingerie. She rented some On Demand movies which is fine if she wants to pay for them, but "Borat"? I am not sure with her limited English that she could "get it".

My mom was visiting us for a week and she reported that she went outside in the backyard and just sunbathed while the kids played in the sandbox. They are 3 and 1 - they really need more attention than that.

I shouldn't complain - she helps us so much. She cleaned the house while we went away one weekend. At night she is off, but if I need help for a few minutes, she will watch one or the other for me.

She is not getting married this August as once planned, but she will extend her visa and get another host family closer to her boy friend for the next year.
It has been an interesting cultural exchange.

Hurricane Matt

Things my 3 year old has done that I just couldn't believe:

Thrown the new cordless phone in the toilet
Poured out my fingernail polish remover down the sink (better there than on the carpet)
Put coins in the car CD player
Put numerous toys in the Diaper Genie
Taken the air vents off and poured his drink down them
Thrown a whole box of Q-Tips in the potty
Ripped off wallpaper in dining room at Aunt Sue's
Painted the toilet seat lid with my mascara brush
Threw away my $200 to replace car key (on a sweltering day in August - yes, I found it outside in the garbage - my husband made me)
Called 2 of my friends and left messages on their machines
Put the pepper shaker in his mouth (yes, he got a mouthfull)
Taken the stuffing out of couch cushions and tossed it all over the room
Brushed his teeth with water he got from dipping toothbrush in toilet

Said "hello? hello?" into the toilet brush and when I went to get it from him, he ran across the lawn toward the street and he stopped on the sidewalk and said "lollypop" and ...yes... he licked it.