Friday, July 28, 2006

I am not really a Lactivist, but yeah, I guess I am...

I can't believe the uproar about nursing your infant in public. Well, sure I can. This is America, right?

It is feeding a baby, people. If you see a mother nursing, she is nourishing her child. All your kids learn about it in school in 7th grade science class - that is why we are called mammals. That is how we get milk - from a cow's boob, just with lots of middle men (or machines). It shouldn't be some secret. The secret is that some adults engage in similar behavior (mouth and boob) for sexual pleasure. But I bet your kids know all about that from TV and movies - just please don't tell them a breast was made by The Creator for the purpose of feeding a child.

Now the public thing.
I understand it makes some uncomfortable. Most moms are probably uncomfortable doing it in public. I nursed my baby to age 6 months and I was not super comfortable doing it in public. But I couldn't stay locked in my house for that long. I had to get out. And babies aren't the most patient things. Sometimes they gotta eat. And then it's eat or scream and I think I'd offend you less by modestly nursing under a blanket than by having my kid scream bloody murder in a restaurant.

What is the issue? SEEING the breast or just knowing that someone is doing it in your presence? Are some people such perverts that they can think of nothing else but sex when they just see a breast? I am way more comfortable seeing a nursing mother's breast than I am seeing some scantily clad lady's boobs hanging out of a push up bra. And I see that all the time - I rarely see a nursing mom in public.

Is it that you might have to explain it to your kid? The 7th grade science teacher already did!! And if you act uncomfortable talking about it because YOU think it's sex related, then you are just giving your kid more sex info! He probably never thought about it until you acted embarrassed about it.

People have the right to feed their children. I feel when I have to do it in public that I have the responsibility to be courteous to others. As I would not start yelling loudly in a restaurant, nor would I whip out the boob for all to see. NOR would I go hide in my car or the dirty restroom to feed my baby. Please explain to your children if they ask what the lady is doing and that it is what the body was made for. Don't get into some sexual issue. It's not unless you mention it.

Here's the article that prompted this post:

Right next to the article about a mother breastfeeding on the cover of a parenting magazine was a Victoria's Secret ad with a well endowed model with large breasts. Is that offensive? Is she buying the bra for support or to turn on her boy friend? Are people offended by the latter? I guess I am not seeing the difference. Unless the viewer of the two images has a dirty mind and cannot see a breast without going to sexual thoughts.

I hate extremeism and I hate debate. I know, I sit on the fence on many issues. I may be wishy washy or it may be that I just like finding middle ground. Moms, try to not disrobe in public and Public, please try to remember it is a natural and necessary part of bringing a child into the world, it's not perverted.

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