Sunday, June 21, 2009

Housewives step aside - Working Mom gets really Desperate

No one told me motherhood would be this hard.

We are at the beach in a rental house. On the 2nd floor. And the weather forcast is rain every day this week. So my wild cowboys just cannot be quiet. They yell, fight, stomp, wrestle. The tenant downstairs has already banged on the ceiling once when they were loud. They were up at 6 am. The TV - aka the Great Tranquilizer - is only good for so long.

Desperate to keep them from waking our nanny and the neighbor, at 9 am I put them in the car with everything I own - my car looks like a rich homeless person - DVD player, lap top, beach bag (just in case)....anything to occupy the boys time outside the house.

We went to a playground. Dried off all the slides with a beach towel. Sat under the picnic shelter with laptop, hoping they'd be entertained for hours. They were until the rain started. Then they were cold and wanted to go. We went to church. Seeking sanctuary ...... asylum. Played in the nursery, since taking them into the service would be another way to bother other people. Said goodbye to everyone - it's our last Sunday here before the big move.

I cannot believe what extreme measures I have taken to survive motherhood. When the boys were 2 1/2 and 3 months. Remember that I could not take one more minute in the house with them. Matty kept terrorizing his brother or just being loud after I finally managed to get Drew to sleep. It was a heat wave here - an unheard of 104 and what did I do next? I went to the playground. He was gonna tear up the house if I didn't get him out. Drew slept in his car seat carrier next to the swing set. I was alone - I knew anyone else who saw me was gonna think I had lost my mind. I didn't care. I was losing it.

Desperate measures for desperate moms.

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