Thursday, October 09, 2008

Everyone has their own way of doing things

During our pre-marital counseling with the priest, he told us that some couples get divorced over little stuff like how to properly load a dishwasher. "Do you rinse or not rinse?" He pointed out that as long as the dishes got clean at the end, it doesn't matter how they get that way. I have tried to let this attitude of tolerance reign in my home for the sake of my marriage - and elsewhere in my life so I might have less stress and worry.

Weird stuff I wonder sometimes and have actually polled friends about how they do stuff:

--Do you step into the shower into the front (near the shower head) or the back (away from the end with the drain / shower)? If you have a hinged door then think about a hotel shower - what would you do there?

--When finished with the shower, do you pull your towel into the shower to dry off in there? Or do you step out wet and then dry off standing on the bath mat?

--When loading flatware in the dishwasher, do you put the tines and blades up or down? Do you put like items together or do you mix them in each section of the basket?

--Do you make the bed with the top flat sheet facing up or down? (Like with the print on top or the print on the bottom so when folded back the print shows)

--Did Santa leave wrapped presents under your tree? Or were they unwrapped and only the family gifts were wrapped?

--Do you eat butter on a muffin (which is really an unfrosted cupcake)?

--Do you cut sandwiches horizontally (so that the 2 halves are different - 1 rounded and 1 square) or vertically (so that the 2 halves are symmetrical with a curved top and square bottom or diagonally (diagonally)?

--Do you prefer to eat fries dipped into ketchup or squirted with ketchup?

I wonder if I should have been a sociologist.

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