Sunday, October 05, 2008

Misplaced Olympian Children

My kids cannot be mine. Somewhere out there in Stork world there was a mix-up. These 2 sweet little boys were given to me instead of their Olympic track star mother they were obviously destined to. They run. Not just now and then. Like Forest Gump run. Like Track Star run. They take off and do not stop.

We attended an outdoor festival today. Our neighbor was there with her little girl (same age as our 2 year old Drew) and she noted:"My little Rina wanders, but she won't run away like yours. She has about a 20 yard radius." Mine are always running and running away. At 18 months Matty would run out any open door that he saw and continue down any path (Forrest Gump style): a driveway, a sidewalk, a street, a path , a road, anything. And littel brother Drewey runs the same way - with one exception: he looks over his shoulder - he looks to see if I am following him. Matt was gone like a shot - no regrets - no looking back - off like a shot.

And when my 40 year old butt tries to haul after them I swear I CANNOT keep up. They truly run faster than me - I have to lose 50 pounds and get back to my pre-kid weight to even think about competeing with Thing 1 and Thing 2 - they are that fast. Taking after my father - the 440 runner, uh, no not quite, but those are some genes I need to tap into.

I guess I'll be thankful one day that I am the mom of Olympic medalists and be proud. Right now it is enough to drive me batty. You'd think all the running would help me lose weight, but alas, it isn't enough......

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